The idea for Twinkle Toes came about while trying to find a pair of dress socks, while out of town on vacation, for my then 2 year old daughter. Trying to find a pair of fancy dress socks led me on a frustrating mall exploration for the perfect pair. After perusing some of my favorite children's specialty stores, I was shocked by the absence of cute, fun dress socks! After finally finding a pair of beaded socks in the very back crowded corner of a mall specialty store, I thought: "Why should I have to rely on expensive boutiques to find a pretty pair of socks? I can make these on my own." So was born the idea for a web-based business catering to the custom client: Twinkle Toes!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Two recent made to match (m2m) pair

A mom of an adorable 2 year old asked me to make two pair of socks to match outfits recently purchased for her daughter.

Using tri beads, I strung together the 3 colors of the dress with the blue being the dominant color with splashes of green to match the adorable frogs. I threw in the pink scattered throughout to pick up on the heart design.

I loved this outfit as soon as I saw it. I was excited to make something in yellow. (borrowed picture, thank you if it's yours.)

I originally wanted to put in splashes of red, but I felt the red was best to "pop" from the outfit itself.

I strung loops around the perimeter of the socks before doing the beads in order for the beads to hang a bit from the cuff, rather than bulk up around the cuff. Each loop has 3 beads hanging from them around the cuff.

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